It's me, Alok!

I'm 20 years old! I code for almost 4+ years now and IT IS A TRUE PASSION! I just love it! So if you're looking for a true passionate, devoted, curious, self-teaching, responsible person who loves to resolve problems and learn new things, I'm your man! I have a solid background with complex websites & apps. I can work independently and respect a deadline. I feel comfortable working with a good team of developers.

Despite the fact that I am just 20 now, my knowledge is already way sufficient to get a job in that domain. For Now, I'm almost comfortable with most of the tools used in the industry and I'm seeking to learn Angular and React frameworks soon.

So, it's a no-brainer! You have the opportunity to hire someone who, despite his young age & worked on 200+ jobs until now, will be able to please your expectations and, with time, will even overpass them! Someone who's passionate about a whole variety of domains including Android apps development, design in Photoshop to some extent and who is continually seeking to learn more on everything!

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Alok Singh

Alok Singh

Freelance Web Developer

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